Sendfox Review

Sendfox Review. A Free E-mail Marketing Tool for Content Creators in 2021

What is Sendfox?

Sendfox is a free email marketing tool to built mail customers for your brand. In the free plan, you can have up to 1000 contacts on your list and the premium plan costs $49 for a lifetime unlimited mails.

Before we discuss that, is email marketing still relevant?

When we talk about digital marketing strategies, most of us never give importance to email marketing. Moment marketing is the inclination these days, and if you miss that window, you miss your moment.

We’re not going to negate that fact. It is true. The customer’s attention span is decreasing over the years, and you’ve to strike the iron while it is still hot.

With a lot riding on the marketing team’s shoulders, they prefer social media marketing, search engine marketing, and affiliates to capture the attention. These campaigns have a higher chance of going viral, and the return on their investment is quicker.

Compared to these moment marketing, e-mail marketing is an old strategy. But it is still relevant. Would you like to know how?

Let’s talk statistics.

Why Email Marketing is Important?

  • Unlike other marketing methods, emails are very personal communication. It means the customer is allowing you into their personal space. They aren’t going to swipe down to the next post. They’re willing to give you additional attention. It is not an easy privilege. You’ve to earn it. You’ve to give true value or at least show a value proposition to your customers. Else they’ll drop you, and your churn rate will increase over time.
  • To expand your reach through SMM or SEM, the timing of your campaign is crucial. You can A/B split test it. But it is not going to be universal for all the future campaigns to come. You’ve to experiment for every single campaign. When you use email marketing, you don’t have to worry about that. Your customers will eventually get the message you are trying to convey.

A Few Email Marketing Statistics

  • Organic traffic is the sustainable way to grow your business and generate revenue. But earning it isn’t easy. To gain the initial momentum, you may have to use paid channels. Email marketing is a lot cheaper than other methods, and for every $1 you spend on your campaign, your return on investment would be $42. If you are a small startup, you’d have to strategize economically, and email marketing should be your priority when you are bootstrapped.
  • Instead of creating standard ad messages, you can create a personalized message for your customers. You can create multiple lists, write customized subject lines to attract your customers. With a personalized subject line, you increase your campaign’s open rate by 50%. It can be achieved through SMM campaigns, but that would be expensive as you have to create multiple campaigns to target each segment.
  • Follow up is an essential strategy. When someone reads your product description and visits your website, they are more likely to become your customers. They might be on the verge but hasn’t decided yet. To nudge those customers, you’ve to create follow-up mails. After every follow-up mails, the possibility of people buying your product increases by the factor of three. But if anyone clearly states that they are not interested in your product, don’t irritate them using follow-ups. It’ll bring negative image to your brand in the long haul.
  • Leads can be divided into three segments. Hot, warm, and cold. Hot leads are those aware of your product and the solution you offer. Warm leads are aware of the problems, but they don’t know that you have a product that gives them a fix. Cold leads are those who haven’t realized they have a problem nor your existence. It is easy to convert a hot lead into a customer than a cold lead. You should have three different mail scripts for these three leads. You cannot use the same script for all. When you use such tactics, you can cut your marketing cost by one-third.
  • Using email marketing initiates a conversation with your customers. You begin a relationship. When you have such a personal relationship with your customers, your retention rate increases by 80%. People want to be valued; they expect to be heard. As a brand, give them the opportunity. That is how you build a loyal community.

Sendfox Pricing

Sendfox Pricing
Sendfox Pricing

Why are we going to discuss Sendfox pricing plans even before we analyze what Sendfox does?

If you’re a beginner content creator, startup marketer, or someone strategizing a newsletter campaign, you won’t have a big purse to afford the expensive tools.

Is Sendfox free?

Sendfox has a simple pricing strategy. It offers two plans: a free plan and a lifetime unlimited plan. If you’re just starting your business, the free plan is more than enough to accommodate your customers.

You can have 1000 contacts in your free plan and 5000 customers in the lifetime plan, which costs $49. It is not a subscription site. You pay once and enjoy the features for your lifetime. When your business grows beyond the 5000 customers, you can buy additional 5000 contacts for $49. You have unlimited sends per month and a reduced Sendfox branding.

Sendfox Review

Let’s talk features. What can you do with Sendfox?

Sendfox Emails

Sendfox is the email marketing tool. Hence it is obvious to talk about the features they’ve ingrained to create better email campaigns. Before you create email campaigns, you need to create the lists of your customers.

There are four ways through which you can create your list.

1)You can add the contacts manually. If you’re brand new, you wouldn’t have a lengthy list. But if you have a long list, we wouldn’t recommend manually adding them.

2) Upload a CSV file from your computer.

3) You can import contacts from Mailchimp. If your contacts are in any other marketing tools, you can use Zapier integrations to transfer them to Sendfox seamlessly.

4) You can import your contacts from Google.

Why is segmenting lists important in email marketing?

As we discussed earlier in the statistics section, the email marketing campaign’s success can be increased by having a personalized message in the subject line. Depending on the type of leads, you should have separate scripts to talk to each of them. Sending a standard mail to every contact is not at all a strategy. It is similar to gambling. You’re sending out a message and expect your customers to read it. It doesn’t happen that way. You’ve to earn it.

When you have a separate rational list, you’ll be able to test multiple scripts and identify what attracts people. You can segment your customers and strategize depending on the returns they offer.

This is how the Sendfox’s email screen looks like.

Sendfox - create email screen
  • You can select multiple lists; there are options to personalize the names, brand, and URL. You can add buttons and tags.
  • If you’d like to preview how the email would look like in your customer’s inbox, you can check that.
  • You also have the option to run a test mail.
  • When you use an email generator, it’ll automatically take you to the contents of your blogs or social media posts to add them to your mail. But to access it, you have to link your website and social media platforms with Sendfox on the settings page.

Sendfox Smart Campaigns

Marketing is a glamorous word, but it is basically grunt work. You’d have to jump one platform to another, one window to another, one device to another to update your content. There are third-party tools available in the market which can help you to automate the sharing process.

Sendfox does have such an automated system. It is called Smart Campaigns. Whenever you update your website with a new blog post or post something on your social media posts, Sendfox can script them into an email and send it to your audience.

There are many customizable options too. Look at the screenshot below to understand what you can do.

Sendfox smart campaigns

Sendfox Automations

Automation is not the future. It is happening all around us. When you run a campaign, you’ll get various kinds of leads from it. You’d be able to create a separate list for each of them and immediately send a thank you message for taking action. Customers appreciate that kind of effort taken by the businesses. It let them know that you care and value them.

If you do it manually, it’ll be a nightmare. That’s where you can use Sendfox automation to do it for you. Don’t panic if you’re not familiar with how automation work.

First, you’ve to create a trigger. When a new customer signs up on your list, it’ll trigger automation. You can add their contacts to a new list and set a customized follow-up message, instantly sending them a pre-written personalized message.

You can have additional automation on top of that to initiate a conversation with them.

Sendfox Smart Pages

Landing pages are the shortened version of a website. Marketers use it to promote a single product. Instead of adding a new page to the existing website, a landing page can be created. Once the promotion is over, you can make the landing page go offline.

Landing pages convert better than websites because their layout is simple. The content is streamlined to avoid any distractions. You can plan how to take your customers through the landing page and what they should see. It gives them ample time to understand what you want to convey.

Sendfox has the built-in option to build landing pages. It doesn’t have fancy options like Clickfunnels or Groovefunnels. But it does the job done. You can include a form to collect the leads, create a list, and automate messages.

How landing pages work?

In Conclusion

Sendfox is not the industry’s best email marketing tool. It doesn’t offer fancy features compared to its competitors. But if you’re looking for a free email marketing tool, you don’t get anything better than this. You have all the features you’d need for standard marketing campaigns. The features like smart campaign, trigger automation, smart pages work flawlessly. To summarize, Sendfox is a simple tool that does its job perfectly.

If you’d like to compare Sendfox with its competitors, we have articles on Convert kit and Mailchimp. Check them out too.

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