Re-Engineer your Mindset

Re-Engineering Mindset. 7 Awesome Tips to Remove Negativity in 2021 and Taste Success

Time and again, we hear that ‘It’s all in the mindset, Keeping a positive mindset.’ There is no denying that.

We have many live examples around us that would reinforce our faith in the above quote.

Let me share one with you.

We all know Tennis is a Cut-throat sport.

By 2018, Serena Williams has won 23 GRAND SLAM Singles titles. It is the second most of all-time in the history of World Tennis. Margaret Court who retired in 1977, holds the Number ONE position with her 24 Titles.

The records have been unbeaten for around 40 years and Serena Williams is on the verge of equalling it or even go beyond the record.

Serene gives birth to her daughter in 2018. The delivery had some complexity and it’s been stated that the family even feared the life of Williams.

Imagine yourself in her shoes.

You’re 36 years old. You’ve been playing tennis for the most part of the last 3 decades. There is constant pressure around you to succeed.

You just gave birth to your daughter and having postpartum depression. Even though you’re fighting inner demons, you’re the highest-paid female athlete in the world.

There is no compulsion or necessity to prove something to the world. Because you’ve already proved it and the world relishes those memories.

There are new young tennis players coming at you. Coming for your place in the global arena. They are almost a decade and a half younger than you and are very healthy.

What would you do?

Wouldn’t you just say goodbye to tennis and go back to live your life?

But Serena comes back to training.

She reaches 4 Grand Slam finals in the next 2 years but couldn’t clear the final hurdle.

At this stage, it doesn’t she won or lost. She had the audacity to come back and fight.

If this is not an example of ‘It’s all in the mindset,’ What is?

You can – If you think you can‘ Positive Mindset

positive mindset

As for as cliches are concerned, this is one of the most used cliches all around the world. But cliches do exist for a reason, right?

Because in the end, the results don’t matter. Your efforts do. If you’re failing to prepare your mindset, it is equivalent to preparing for a failure. There should be no surprise about it.

You can say, ‘I know that. Tell me something new.’

Yes, we all know that. We all know that It’s in the mindset. But do we really understand that? Do we practice that?

We all know how to keep our bodies healthy and how to maintain our environment clean. But are we all healthy, living in a clean environment?

No. Definitely not.

How can you achieve that positive mindset, which will remove negativity and infuse positivity in your life? How can you achieve that faster through simple ways?

We’ve come up with 7 simple techniques you can practice in day-to-day life to reach there faster.

1) Fluid Thinking Positive Mindset

fluid thinking

We’re living in a world which is getting more competitive by the second.

It doesn’t matter what you do for a living. If you’re not enriching your skills, looking out for the upcoming trends, and learn them, you’re going to be in trouble.

If you look at the past decade of how the economy works, you can learn a great deal about adaptability. Unlike our previous generation where people spend entire life on a single job, people now want change every 2 years or so.

If we remain adamant about the changes that are happening around us, we cannot achieve what we want in our life.

Whether it is about learning new things or meeting new people, we should be fluid and flexible about it. Fluidity opens up our minds and lets us see the things around us positively.

It engages us with the world around us and keeps depression and negative thoughts at the bay.

How to attain a fluid mindset?

Instead of judging the world by things you like and dislike, just perceive it the way it is. When you interpret something you don’t like, it builds a wall in your mind that it is unachievable.

Over time, you’ll dump many such things inside the walls which would weigh down your brain when you need to refresh.

If you practice seeing things the way it is, your mind would also be open to new things coming your way.

2) Identifying your Weakness

identifying weakness - mindset

Let’s discuss the topic using a sports example. If you’re a cricket enthusiast, you’ll know how the player’s strengths and weaknesses are dissected the minute they step into the international arena.

Mahindra Singh Dhoni, one of the best players of spinners always struggled against the West Indies off-break bowler Sunil Narine.

Whenever Dhoni comes to bat, the teams playing against him would bring in Narine to bowl.

This is a classic example of identifying the chink in your armor. If you don’t do that, you’ll get beaten every time in the same situation.

If we identify our weaknesses before our opponents, we can work on them to improve our skills.

What are the weaknesses you’ve which are interrupting your growth towards the greater good?

Are you having self-doubts about your capabilities?

Don’t you have faith and trust in your skills?

These are the questions you should ask yourself and try to find some answers to. It doesn’t stop here. You should work on how to nullify those weaknesses too.

3) Flipping the Switch

Flipping the switch

It is not possible to maintain a positive mindset and attitude about everything that’s happening in our life.

Of course, we’ll feel beaten after a while. The aura will rub off after a few days.

That is why you should know how to go back to the positive mindset when you face difficulties.

Some people meditate, some go for a jog to clear their mind. I’d like to watch some feel-good movies to boost my mindset.

You should find what works for you. Try cycling, swimming, or even just sleeping. It is important to find the switch or else after a while the negativity will such you in.

It doesn’t matter how trivial the activity it is. Find it and practice it. It’ll keep you engaged in your positive mindset for a long time.

4) Set your Goals

Goal setting

If you don’t have a destination, how would you know where to reach?

Yes, of course, we don’t necessarily need a destination to drive this beautiful life we’ve gotten.

But that’s not everyone. Most of us want a stable destination to reach. If we don’t set ourselves some goals, we’ll easily get distracted.

During this distraction, we’re losing our energy, time, and money. But when we set defined goals be it in career, relationships, or even for just living, we’ll reach our destination a lot quicker.

It is also important to break down your goals into long-term and short-term. Achieving our short-term goals ensures that we’re traveling the correct path and it boosts our positivity.

Don’t just wander off. Set your goals and follow the path.

5) Our Ecosystem

Positive mindset ecosystem

Human beings are social animals. We cannot live alone in this world. We’re depending on one another for mutual support, strength, and sharing.

But it is also important to keep ourselves surrounded by people with positive attitudes. If the people around us are spewing negativity, it won’t take much time to rub off on us.

We may think we’re strong enough to resist their negativity but it is not possible. At one point or another, we’ll be unknowingly become a victim to their negative breeding.

Hence it is important to maintain a positive ecosystem around you that supports your goals, understands your vision, and helps you move in that direction.

6) Developing Routines – A positive mindset

developing successful routines

Life is not a sprint. It is a marathon. You could follow the above 5 tips to bring positivity into your life. But if you don’t make it a routine, it’ll all go awry.


Because we’ll fall back into our old routine of negativity again.

Whatever you’ve learned so far, do it regularly. Practice it every day. Make it a routine. Form a habit.

Make it a habit until it becomes your default nature. If you need to learn some new skills to achieve your goal, learn them. Don’t stop at anything until you’ve got what you’ve set for.

7) Come out of Your Comfort Zone Mindset

comfort zone

When you form a comfort zone around you, you’re placing bricks around you. Over time, it’ll create boundaries in the physical space and your mind as well.

Do not hesitate to experiment now and then. Because we cannot predict what kind of challenges would come along our way. We have to face whatever is coming.

If we’ve reduced ourselves into a shell, we cannot do anything when adversity happens.

Hence it is very important to venture out of your comfort zone now and then to face the new realities. It keeps your mindset at its toes and engaged with the real world.

To Conclude

Re-engineer your mind into thinking that everything is fine. Keep a smile on your face and face it. You cannot escape from these adversities and thinking someone else would come to save you. It’s our life, our goals. We’ve to take charge. There is no other option. Achieve your goals. Keep your positive mindset. Our results depend on what we do. It is as simple as that.

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