Do you Sell Digital Products In 2021? You should Know about Thrivecart


Before we discuss what is Thrivecart, we should know about whom it is for.

If you’re selling a physical/digital product, you’d need a place to sell them. Instead of opting for listing your products on Amazon or other e-commerce stores, you could create your own and cut out the middle man.

It gives you total control over how to set up your e-store and present it. Shopify is a pioneer in this department, and almost all the other cart platforms came after Shopify.

ThriveCart is one such platform concentrating specifically on physical & digital products. Then, why should you opt for ThriveCart instead of Shopify?

Because ThriveCart is offering a limited lifetime offer at $495, whereas Shopify costs around $29/month for its basic plan. Does it pique your interest?

Zero Code

Not all of us are coders. We cannot start learning how to code to build our cart.

We’re in a world where we cannot experiment with certain things. Especially something which would cost us money, consumes our time, and drains our energy.

That’s why the drag and drop platforms came to the market. Building a cart from scratch would take just a few hours. We don’t even have to rely on coders to build that. We can do that ourselves.

How powerful is this idea of creating our business from a simple platform?

Let me share with you a real incident. We all know who Kylie Jenner is. She is one of the youngest billionaires in the world.

Do you know how Kylie Jenner started her business?

She didn’t go for other established e-commerce sites which would gladly promote her lipstick products. She built her own store from these drag and drop cart platforms, and the business is now worth $900 million.

Why should you consider ThriveCart?

Before I go on emphasizing about its price, there are other awesome features that we should discuss.

1) Thrivecart Integrations


Gone are the days where one product would do everything for us. It’ll create funnels, write scripts, capture leads, create a list, automate emails, set up a reminder, etc. In this market, it is advisable to get individual products to do the individual tasks.

Because the individual products come relatively cheap and do a great job than an all-in-one platform. In such cases, we need our products to integrate and work harmoniously.

Whatever tool you already use, be it a membership site or an automation platform, ThriveCart offers seamless integration to the platforms. There are around 43+ integration options available out of the box.

Anyone can jump to ThriveCart without having to worry about the transition they have to make. It gives control to you instead of locking you for multi-year contracts. Take the control back with ThriveCart.

2) Automated Intelligence

ThriveCart’s intelligence studies the behaviour of the person and automates the necessary it has to do.

For example, When someone signs up on your landing page, they enter the checkout page to add a product to the cart. But ultimately, they leave without buying.

ThriveCart detects those cart abandonment, notices the person through email about it, and sends a follow-up message.

If your business is membership or subscription-based, you’d know what churn (When members/subscribers stop renewing) is and how it affects the business.

Studies show that most of the churn happens because the customers forget to renew it. It was not an intentional move to quit. ThriveCart automatically sends a reminder to customers when they have to renew and much more.

3) Features

1) Up-sell /Down-sell /Cross-sell

When you’re selling something, there are few strategies you could follow to increase your sales. Up-sell, down-sell, and cross-sell are one such technique.

For example, if you’re selling a seminar course, you can add a one-time up-sell when the customer goes to the checkout page to buy the product,. In these scenarios, they are most likely to buy it because they believe they are getting a good deal and the up-sell product could enhance their learning.

In ThriveCart, you can create a bump offer or an upsell offer with just one click, and it would do wonders for your sales.

2) A-B Testing

We cannot predict the market. We cannot be sure about what our target audience would like. Even the great marketing gurus wouldn’t claim they know the heartbeat of their customers.

So, what do they do? They experiment. They conduct split tests using different UI, payment platforms, offers, colors, layout, etc. Once they get enough data to understand what the customer wants, they’d move forward with the specific design.

In ThriveCart, A-B split testing comes integrated with it. You can easily do your research and refine how your cart looks.

3) Sales Tax Calculations

To quote Thrivecart, ‘ThriveCart automatically calculates the correct sales tax to apply based on location, product type and all other variables. No need to integrate other expensive services.’

4) Other Features

Thrivecart features

Thrivecart Pricing

thrivecart pricing

Finally, the icing on the cake would be ThriveCart’s pricing. That is something we cannot ignore. Do your basic calculation.

ThriveCart costs $495. If you opt for any other subscription-based cart service, it would cost you at least $29/month. In the future, the subscription amount may even increase.

Think of ThriveCart as a subscription option which you have to pay for only two years, whereas on the others, you have to pay every year you’re using. Which sounds like the best option? You get to own the product yourself, and you’ll have total control over it.

It also offers a 30 days trial period. If you’d like to check out the product before committing yourself to buy it, you can try the trial.

Look at what you get for $495.


Some may be hesitant about the one-time license products because some companies don’t give regular updates to their licensed products. You don’t have to worry about ThriveCart.

In 2020 alone, they have rolled out around 196 updates to its customers. ThriveCart support is constantly optimizing, refining, and updating their software.



Unlike other cart platforms, ThriveCart doesn’t charge any fee for every transaction. It comes with a limited lifetime buy, and in the long run, it’ll save you a lot of money. If you’re already selling/planning to sell, look at ThriveCart. Do a SWOT analysis. You’ll see more points on the Strengths and Opportunities column. I repeat, it is a one-time offer. Hurry and get the license for a lifetime. Start earning while saving. As they say, ThriveCart will pay for itself. Good luck.

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