Want to learn at your own free will? Here are Asmi’s Career Oriented Programs. Well yes, they are pre-recorded. Nevertheless, you get the best of both worlds 🙂 You can learn at leisure and also gain access to real-time discussions. So, yup- you never get stuck. 

  1. Get Blogging
  2. Be an Affiliate Champion
  3. The Funnel Mastery Program


Want to learn realtime? Here is the Asmi’s Fellowship for you. 

Within a span of 8-12 weeks get prepared to pave your way into the Digital space with specialisation of your choice.

  1. Digital Marketing Fellowship | 16 Weeks
  2. SEO Fellowship | 6 Weeks
  3. Affiliate Marketing Fellowship | 8 Weeks
  4. Funnel Mastery Fellowship | 12 Weeks


No one can deny the role of a coach or a mentor in insta-success. As we start our journey in whatever space, there is every likelihood to make mistakes. And yes, mistakes are the milestones to success. Having said this, why commit mistakes and waste your time, effort and energy while you can avoid all of it! All you have to do is- Get a Coach 🙂

You will get access to 100% customised program basis your interest, niche, and style that ensures higher success. 

  1. Be a Content Writer
  2. Get Set Affiliate
  3. Digital Funnels Pro

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