What’s a Digital Marketing Funnel?  A Website, is it? Or, is it not? Well no. If I have one, do I still need a website? Now, yes here. With some overlaps, a website and a funnel serve different purposes. And, they complement each other fantastically to turn around business results. So, what is it actually? Simply speaking- An Effective Lead Generation Tool that Facilitates the Process of Conversion. The process from Awareness Generation to Making the Sales and eventually converting your customer into your product advocate can be greatly streamlined with Funnels. Who doesn’t need loyal customers after all!


“Content Marketing Costs 62% Less While Generating 3X Leads as Compared to Conventional Marketing” (Neil Patel). What’s a Copy? The Words that Sell. Where do we see it? Literally everywhere. Anywhere you see something being sold, its a copy. Emails, Sales Letters, Video Sales Letter, Ads, and the list goes on. Web readers are mostly scanners, So the primary purpose is to Grab and Keep the Attention of Your Customers so as to


The purpose of all sales activity or promotions is to create lists. Eventually, it’s the lists that convert into Sales. Now we have the leads- cold, warm, hot. Irrespective of what kind of lead it is, it needs to be nurtured. And to nurture these, we need to create E-mail drip sequences to keep your customers reminded. Want to Sell, Upsell, Cross-Sell? We are here to help you create these amazing email sequences to help you nurture your leads. 

Social Media Management

The world has got digitally social. This gets so many of our target customers on Social Media. And, it makes it one of the most productive channels to generate leads and hence enhance sales. Having said that, does just having a social media profile or page suffice? Unfortunately, the answer is NO. Just having a social profile (no matter how interesting the DP) is surely not going to generate any leads or Sales. So what is needed? Well, Social Media Management is an Art and a Science both. Social Media Management, rightly done, can multiply your business by leaps and bounds. And for doing it right involves studying the ‘target audience’ and crafting it for them to ‘take action’. 

Search Engine Optimisation

Let’s speak the truth- who doesn’t love organic stuff. And of course, Free traffic doesn’t come easy. We need to put in lots of effort to optimize our Digital Assets to get them rank on the first page of google without anything on paid ads. If you are thinking if being seen on the first page of Google is even possible- well, it is. And, you can see it happen for yourself too.

What is needed is the right strategy- Off-Page and On-page both. Researching on the Keywords that need to be targeted, using them appropriately and adequately, Qualitative Backlinks, Technical Aspects like Load Speed, and a lot more including consistency of posts.

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