We are a Ninja Warrior Team of very highly passionate Digi Preneurs who aim to revolutionize the Digital Space with creativity, passion, and growth. We love what we do and do what we love. And this is what makes us what we are. asmiDIGITAL came into existence when the passions of two old buddies got into synergy. So, here the story goes. Both belonged to the Corporate Background. Both had a growing career that many would die to have. Yet, Both were desperate to say quits! Wondering why? That’s because, despite all the bank balance, so-called success, a growing career path, they were everything but happy 🙁

Oh! But why be unhappy after having all of this? Unhappy because they were not happy! That’s because there is a lot more that contributes to your being happy. It’s just not money, or a corporate career, or paid holidays! It’s much more, much deeper. Despite all this categorized success, their souls were gradually dying. There was something better that they wanted to accomplish from their lives- something more substantial, something that would help make a difference- a difference to their life by adding quality to it, and others too.

And hence, when they realigned their life goals- it gave birth to Asmi. ASMI- What is it? Asmi is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘I am and ‘strong, indomitable, infallible’. This also represents the spirit of Asmi- never say die. The Journey One of the most important aspects was to help others- to help the Digital Newbies settle down in the Online world amicably without any hiccups. When we started off, it was without any assistance as such. And yes, we admit- It Was Tough. Tough to the extent of at times even being demoralizing as we just seemed to get lost into the infinities of the ocean of digital jargons, tools, platforms, and systems.

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