SEO Plugins for Your WordPress

4 Awesome SEO Plugins for Your WordPress in 2021

Why do we need SEO plugins?

While writing a blog, you invest a lot of time, energy, and effort into it. You get excited about a topic, spend hours getting the background information about it, and develop a story which would enthrall the readers.

But the end results could be mostly disappointing. Not the writing part but the reception. This scenario would be more suitable for those just starting to write blog posts. Your content could be informative, funny, enlightening, and entertaining.

If it doesn’t reach the potential target audience who would connect with your writings, it goes to waste.

Ultimately, we write to convey our emotions to others. If that is not achieved, our purpose remains unfulfilled.

This is where you should ask yourself how to make sure your content reaches the potential target audience. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a significant role in doing that job for you. But you’ve to invest some time with it to learn the nuances and how to implement them.

Since most of the world’s website is built using WordPress, we’ve compiled a list of 4 awesome WordPress SEO plugins to share your burden for optimizing the content. Even though we address it generally as SEO, hope you’re aware that these are On-Page SEO tools.

SEO plugins

Why do you need an SEO plugin?

There are over a billion active websites on the internet updating articles every single day. Even though not all of them upload content about a single niche, even a micro-niche is highly competitive.

If you do not appear on the first page of the google search results, you may not get the traffic at all. The first result page gets around 92% of the traffic, and the top 5 results get more than three-fourth of the 92%.

Since the competition is severe, Google updates its indexing, crawling, and ranking algorithm to get the most related result for the user’s query. So far, it’s been identified there are more than 200 aspects google considers to rank the web pages.

Whenever we upload an article, it is impossible to check all the key points to advance our ranking manually. Moreover, it’ll consume a lot of human effort and time, which could be used to generate new content.

This is where we should rely on WordPress SEO plugins to do the job for us. They’ll simplify the workflow to bring the best result for us.

Here are the top 4 SEO plugins for your WordPress

1) Yoast SEO WordPress

Yoast SEO plugin

If you read any list about the essential SEO plugins, you’d find Yoast among them. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best SEO plugin. You don’t have to do much. Yoast does the job for you. To analyze the content, you have to input your target keyword. That’s it.

* Yoast suggests improvement regarding the readability of your content.

* It would show how densely placed your keywords are. If your keywords lack density, you can go back and restructure to include keywords. It would also analyze your keyword distribution throughout the content.

* You can add multiple target keywords to get the maximum benefit out of it. Yoast will suggest the related keywords to improve your SEO ranking.

*It’ll also help you find high traffic-related keywords for you to use.

* Internal linking plays a minor role in SEO. Instead of perusing your website articles to find which of them would be apt to include as an internal link, Yoast would do the job. You don’t have to do it manually.

* Yoast will keep an eye out for dead links on your website. If there are any, it’ll notify you to rectify them. Having dead links will increase your site’s bounce rate. A high bounce rate is a negative indication to google. Yoast will help you avoid that.

* You can add meta-descriptions, slug text, and preview them inside Yoast itself. It’ll show you the desktop and mobile preview. You can check your content’s aesthetics.

What else can Yoast SEO plugin do?

* Yoast would handle the technical SEO aspects, which most are not aware of. Be it robots.txt, sitemaps, or clean permalinks.

* You can add internal and external links in the Yoast interface itself. If you’re adding a link that promotes the keyword as you’re, Yoast will warn you about the conflict of interest. As adding the link to the same keyword would create a backlink for the competitor site, you can avoid that.

* Yoast will help you avoid duplication of content and repeated keywords.

* You can take care of the image alt attributes from Yoast’s interface.

Yoast offers a premium SEO pack. Some of the features are restricted in the free plan. Yoast SEO premium version cost around $90 for one site, including one year of free updates. If you’re serious about bringing more traffic to your web page, you should definitely check out Yoast SEO.

Yoast analysis

2) All in One Schema Rich Snippets – SEO Plugins

Before explaining what the tool does, we need to understand what rich snippets are.

When you do a google search, you’d normally see the URL, title description, and meta description of the page. However, to gain an advantage over other web pages, there are some techniques you could use. One of them is rich snippets.

schema markup
rich snippets

For example, if your web page is about recipes, wouldn’t it be a cool feature to add the duration of the recipe along with the pictures and the ratings it received?

When people see such information on the search results page, they’d be tempted to open your content than others. It’d give you an edge over others.

It can be achieved using the All in One Schema Rich Snippets plugin. But let me clarify something. It is not going to help in achieving a better ranking. So it’ll be helpful if your page is already on the 1st or the 2nd page of the google search result.

If you’d like to know more about rich snippets and how to take advantage of them, check out this article.

3) Rel NoFollow Checkbox

If you’re into affiliate marketing, you should definitely check out the ‘Rel NoFollow Checkbox.’ Its job is to add NoFollow link juice to the links you’re adding. Basically, when you add a link, it means you’re recognizing the link and acknowledge its authenticity.

But in reality, those links may not be authentic or clean. Some of them could be spam sites. If google’s algorithm finds spammy links, it’ll decrease your domain and URL ranking.

It happens a lot in affiliate marketing as we cannot constantly check all the affiliate links we’re using. Rel NoFollow Checkbox would assign No Follow to the links you’re adding by default. If you want to change them, Do-Follow links, you can change them manually.

4) SEOPress

In terms of functionality, SEOPress is similar to Yoast SEO. So if you’re a beginner who’d like to learn SEO operation but doesn’t want to invest big bucks yet, SEOPress would be your choice.

SEOPress pro version costs $39, which is almost half the price of Yoast SEO. Just like its pricing, the interface, too, is simple. The navigation within the plugin is clean and clutter-free as it is for beginners.

Even in its free version, they have a no-ads policy. The plugin weighs less, hence won’t slow down your site. Some features like woocommerce, google suggestions, and ads are integrated within its user interface, making the workflow slow.

SEOPress SEO plugin

How to Install the SEO Plugins

All the plugins we’ve discussed above are available on WordPress. To install them, log in to your hosting and WordPress admin page.

If you’ve multiple websites hosted, choose the one in which you want to install SEO plugins. It’ll open the dashboard, and you can find the plugin option near the bottom option.

You can see the plugins already installed on your site on this page. To install a new one, select ‘Add New.’ It’ll open the plugins page with a search bar. You can type in on the search bar to get your desired plugin.

To Conclude

The four WordPress SEO plugins mentioned above would cover almost all your needs. But there are few others plugins you should check out, as some people might prefer something else over these plugins. The SEO Framework, SEO Squirrly, Rank math, All in One SEO Pack are the other options available. Install the free versions of the plugins and check how it works for you. Choose your very own best SEO plugin for wordpress. If you’d like to know the comparison study between marketing funnels and websites, check out our article. Follow our website for more WordPress SEO tips.

If you’re interested in building your marketing funnels, check out the affordable yet powerful, Groovefunnel.

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